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The First ONLINE Repairs by Mail
of Restoration on Costume and Imitation Jewelry & Accessories.


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After many years of experience in the jewelry market, we realized that Women in general get really close to any piece of jewelry they own, regardless the manufactured material.

Any piece of jewelry is a memory of a gift you received from a special person, a memory of a special time or occasion, a perfect matching detail for a dress, but like anything also they are subjected to wear and tear, even if the jewel cost $10.00 or $ 10000.00, you get very frustrated if one day it breaks or does not looks or works the same. The piece will need some repairs or restoration.

It is possible to find repair people in your own neighborhood for some of the polishing, cutting, stone replacement etc., that will be needed. Most repair people have some limitations, and some do NOT work on costume jewelry. The main reason is: the techniques to repair "real" jewelry like platinum, gold, silver, precious stone.. are completely different from the "Imitation jewelry" (which in my opinion are beautiful and attractive as well as the Noble metals ones).


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Vincenzo Taormina is a renowned modern jewelry designer, Italian-born and Philadelphia-based. Beside His innovative line of Jewelry
he offers a Jewelry Repair Service by MAIL.

The first ONLINE repairs Service, specialized in restorations, repairs and alterations on a wide range of costume jewelry, necklace, earrings, rings, pins, brooches, accessories, made of all range of metal which includes: metal jewelry, faux jewelry, vintage jewelry, imitation jewelry, resin, brass, copper ,bronze, silver, rhinestones, silver, steel, aluminum and more...

About Our REPAIRS Services

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This is a list of repairs services that we offer but not limited to:

Knotting and Stringing Necklaces with silk thread of semiprecious stones jade, quartz, tourmaline.. , synthetic beads, imitation pearls, freshwater pearls and real pearls, using the traditional European knotting technique used by professional beaders.
Yellow gold - white gold - rose gold re-plating.
Hard or soft Soldering & Microsoldering.
Replacement of earrings backs.
Conversion of clip back earrings to post and vice versa.
Replacement of missing rhinestones, marcasite, cabochons and more.
Manufacturing of missing parts.
Replacing pin backs, hinges & stems.
and much much more....

How it works? simple as 1-2-3!

Having your costume jewelry repaired and /or restored  by Mail is a simple procedure:
Contact Us by sending an E-mail, with all the possible description of the object and what needs to be done. Please along with the email, include a few Images.
Better the image and the close up is, more accurate the first estimate will be. However if you are not a Photoshop wizard, no worries, the final estimate (2) will be sent to you by email after we have seen the item up close in our studio. You will be given detailed instruction where to ship and how to ship.(3) After  restoration we 
will email you images of completed work and Payment procedures.

Use PayPaL Payments - It's fast easy and secure!  Payments via PayPal or Check.

questions you may need to ask

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Repairs on costume jewelry are necessarily limited by the original materials used and their inherent limitations. Most of the metals used do not have the same malleability as precious metals. Enamels, plastics & coatings are limiting factors. We should discuss the object to be repaired via phone or e-mail to determine how effective the repair will be, what results you can expect and the costs involved, before making the commitment to do the repair.

Good questions to ask are:

Will I see evidence of the repair, such as solder, differences in color, etc.?

If being plated you will want to be sure you understand what the final appearance will be and how to treat the re-plated piece so keep in mind that "different" isn't always bad; in many cases a new appearance may be closer to the original look (when new) than the current vintage look. Just be sure to Ask us any questions, so you will be aware of what you will get

Approximate length of time for repair - this can vary widely because difficult cases may require us to special order or create parts.

And obviously the "cost" ..
How to contact us and where to ship

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