Vincenzo Taormina is one of the hottest Fashion, Trendy, Italian Innovative Jewelry Designer on the scene today. His Innovative signature style combines Unique Stainless Steel Modern and Contemporary Men's and Women's Jewelry Designs with Gold, Silver, Black Pearls, Precious and Semiprecious gemstones

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In this section of Taormina Online Store, We gathered all the Stainless Steel designs combined with White Cultured Pearls. Ideal Designs for a Modern Bride.
In this section of Taormina Online Store, We gathered selected designs combined with Black Diamonds
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TAORMINA Online Shop for Designer Tension Set Rings and Modern Jewelry in STAINLESS STEEL by world renowned Italian designer Vincenzo Taormina. Handmade Tension Setting Engagement Rings with White Sapphire, Blue and Yellow Topaz, Black Diamond, Gold, White Pearls. Contemporary Modern Men's Tension Set Rings, Rubber Bracelets & Rubber Necklaces, Tension Set Pendants, Pins, Brooches. Stainless Steel Crosses Pendants, Necklaces for Men Modern Unique. Jewelry totally handmade with Unparalleled Craftsmanship. The popular Crosses designed by Taormina are not only favored among shoppers for the quality, design and durability, but with the economic slowdown in recent months, many have opted for these more affordable options. In comparison to platinum, Stainless Steel offer more economically viable solutions without compromising quality or design.

Vincenzo Taormina  is one of the few Renowned Jewelry Artist and Designer in the Today's Market of Stainless Steel Jewelry for Men and WomenSteel & Style Jewelry Concept is a  fusions between Style and Design,  shifting from a  prominent  Minimalism, Aesthetic Bauhaus, bold architectural and sculptural into a more modern romantic clean designs, and they will remain timeless and classics.

Taormina Studio presents the Black Diamond Area.  In this section of Taormina Online Store, We gathered selected Jewelry designs combined with Black Diamonds

Italian Jewelry Designer and Artist Vincenzo Taormina has past great part of his artistic career between Italy and the United States, collecting the essence of trends and tendency of the world wide fine Unique Modern Jewelry Designs. He created Steel & Style, a Unique Collections of Modern Contemporary Art Jewelry, in Stainless Steel combined in an innovative way with gold, Pearls, black natural rubber, precious, semi precious gemstones: White Topaz, Amethyst, Pink Quartz, Black Onyx, Black Diamond, Garnet, Blue Topaz, yellow Topaz and Peridot. natural stones, gemstones like Obsidian, Turquoise,  Cubic Zirconia,  and recently The Murano Crystals  jewelry Collection (Earrings and pendant).

Vincenzo Taormina recently added the White Cultured Pearls in His Stainless Steel Jewelry Collections, Ideal for Bridal Contemporary and Modern look.

What makes Vincenzo Taormina Jewelry unique, is his Modern Minimalist Jewelry Designs Concept. The Artist aesthetic Creations can be casual, Elegant and Chic, with simple shapes, simplicity adornments intrigued high quality and Unique Trendy Vogue Fashion Jewelry Designs. The Elegant Fine Stainless Steel Jewelry are For Masculine and sophisticated for Men and Elegant, sensual for Women - Unisex. Tarnish -free

Vincenzo Taormina proudly guarantees that: All his Jewelry is Totally HANDMADE in his Studio in Philadelphia, by highly skilled jewelry designers and master metalsmiths.

Jewelry Artist and Italian Jewelry Designer Vincenzo Taormina, Handmade Artisan Stainless Steel designs are elegant, trendy two-tone, sculptural, Industrial Jewelry Designs, sophisticated, shifting from Modern Minimalist to retro look, with original innovative details, evidence of a constant quest for shapes and glamour. The Unique Art Jewelry in Stainless Steel workmanship highlights both the shine and brushed satin finish.

View the exclusive Stainless Steel Crosses, Chain Necklace and Bracelet for Men and Women designed by Vincenzo Taormina with the Unique Signature Stainless Steel Clasps: the SNAP and the TWIST, original shapes comfortable safe and secure. The Unique men's Comfort fit Rings. Stainless Steel and Gold, Stainless Steel and Black Pearls, Stainless Steel and Obsidian, Stainless Steel and Turquoise, all conceived and created in the Jewelry Artist Atelier Studio, located in Philadelphia.

View Alternative and Innovative modern Jewelry Designs in the Collection's Gallery, find out more about Vincenzo Taormina and the Designer Jewelry Material the Artist uses in his Contemporary Designer jewelry Collections, browse the Men's Jewelry and the Women's  Designer Jewelry on line Catalog of His creations: Stainless Steel Bracelets, Stainless Steel Pendant, Stainless Steel Rings ,Ideal for Engagement and Promise Modern Rings. Tension set rings, earrings, pendant, bracelets, necklaces,  with Black Diamonds and Gemstones: Blue Topaz, Pink Quartz, Amethyst, Garnet, Yellow Topaz, Lemon Quartz. Stainless Steel Necklaces, Stainless Steel Earrings , Stainless Steel Brooches, Pins, Men's Accessories, Stainless Steel Cufflinks, key holder, key chains, men's Stainless Steel Chain Bracelet, Men's Stainless Steel Chain Necklace, thin stainless steel chain necklace ideal for pendants and crosses, Men's Black Rubber Necklace, Modern Men's Cross Pendant. Specialized in Rubber Jewelry, The Studio creates also his own Stainless Steel Chains, link by link.

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Free Shipping, all Jewelry are free gift wrapped. Vincenzo Taormina Jewelry Brand Today in Style. News: Vincenzo Taormina present the One of a Kind Catalog: In this section of our website you can now purchase and adorn yourself with an authentic irreproducible Vincenzo Taormina's Unisex Jewelry Masterpieces directly from his workbench.

Gioielli Contemporanei Moderni in Acciaio con Oro, Chiusure per collane e bracciali in acciaio, Acciaio e Perle Nere, Pietre dure, Preziosi e Semipreziosi - Vincenzo Taormina Creazioni Uniche Gioielli Uomo - Donna in Acciaio.

Contemporary Modern Wedding Jewelry, (Abbracci Collection) Gift and Ideas. Select from our Jewelry Catalogues as wedding Gift and Jewelry ideas to give to your Groomsmen, Bestman Gifts, Attendant Gifts, Bridal jewelry sets for the bride, maid of honor and bridesmaids. We offer a special discount for multiple items.

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