Vincenzo Taormina is one of the hottest Fashion, Trendy, Italian Innovative Jewelry Designer on the scene today. His Innovative signature style combines Unique Stainless Steel Modern and Contemporary Men's and Women's Jewelry Designs with Gold, Silver, Black Pearls, Precious and Semiprecious gemstones

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We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality merchandise, Taormina Jewelry is guaranteed for the life of the piece against any defects in materials and workmanship, excluding normal wear and tear. Please read the list below to find out what is and what is not covered by the warranty.


Broken clasp (life time warranty)

Loosen clasp (life time warranty)

Missing clasp parts (life time warranty)

Any missing Metal parts (life time warranty)

Broken Beads Necklace (1 year warranty)

Chipped Gemstone, Black Diamond and Pearls. (3 months  warranty coverage) click here for info

Lost: Gemstone, White and Black Pearl, Any Bead (3 months  warranty coverage) click here for info

Brooches security clasp (1 year  warranty)

Brooches pin joint (1 year  warranty)

Chipped Black diamond (1 year  warranty)

Brushed finish (1 year  warranty)

Polished Finish (1 year  warranty)

Lost earring's back (life time  warranty)


All Rubber Parts

Rubber broken by clasp - Click here for info

Rubber become stiff - Click here for info

Lost Black Diamond - Click here for info

Rubber re-sizing - Click here for info

Ring re-sizing - Click here for info

Necklace re-sizing - Click here for info

Bracelet re-sizing - Click here for info


Where to mail Repairs:

Taormina Studio - Repairs Dpt.
c/o Donna Ippolito
6 Pluto Dr
Sewell, NJ 08080 USA

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